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Your home should be a reflection of you, not what you think everyone else wants to see

Hi and welcome to Jenny Ballantyne Interiors, we hope you enjoy taking a look around and also hope it inspires you to create a home that reflects you and your life. My love of interior design started many years ago when I rented a one-bedroom flat in Boston, Lincolnshire. Along with the flat I also inherited its furniture, which I can assure you was less than impressive; still, it was mine and I was going to make it look fabulous! So I did! I couldn’t paint it because it was rented, I couldn’t afford to buy new furniture, so I accessorised my little heart out! I complemented the dated furniture and brought it to life again. It was my first home and it already reflected me! I loved it! Visitors would comment on how amazing the flat looked. There and then, I discovered with a little love and attention, any space could become somewhere you can be proud of. In homes I have lived in since, I have learnt to create not only a home that reflects both mine and my family’s personality but also a beautiful and practical one.

I’m a mum of two young children, it has to be practical but why shouldn’t practical look beautiful? Whether It’s the master bedroom, the kitchen or simply a child’s bedroom bursting with adventure and inspiring make believe, interior design can create more than a beautiful room, it can create a lifestyle. You have perhaps already gathered I may differ from your ‘normal’ interior designer. I’m completely self-taught, my talent comes from the heart and my passion for the subject. Before becoming an Interior designer I was an HR Manager, which was a position I loved. I helped people achieve their goals and career aspirations on a daily basis. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to use these skills in helping people discover their home’s true potential. Together we can make your home (whether it’s just one room or the whole house) into a space you will truly adore and feel proud of for years to come.

Jenny Ballantyne
Jenny Ballantyne Interiors